The properties of newly designed fibre composite parts have to be verified, i.e. proven in tests. The aim is to confirm the properties predicted for the design. Standards, regulations and test schedules compiled in advance for a specific component all play their part here depending on the field of application. First, INVENT examines the chosen range of materials and their known parameters in test programs in order to ascertain the behaviour of the new fibre composite system. Before their approval, several qualification components are tested against the range of expected loads. The components are tested to critical extremes or even to the point of complete failure.

Technology Demonstrators: DGR / VASI / STANT

Example NH90

NH90 for the Swedish Air Force
Ski Set

INVENT developed a ski set using fibre composites for the NH90 used by the Swedish Air Force. The design of the part and its construction were based on the material qualification programme and on full-scale tests which took the ski sets to their ultimate load, i.e. to the limits of their load-bearing capacity.

Following the development phase and the initial sample release, the ski sets entered series production. INVENT also compiled testing and repair instructions which describe how repairs could be carried out in the field.


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