The first step towards the use of fibre composite components as an innovation on existing solutions is often the feasibility study. INVENT develops test components for such studies with which the potential of the technology being investigated can be ascertained. INVENT supports its customers in turning their ideas into reality – from feasibility investigations for concept studies using fibre composites through to development of the actual components.

High pressure storage / Functional model PmP / STANT antenna demonstrator (Image © HPS)

Example Peristaltic micro pump (PmP)

Simulation and analysis of the pump operation

In a research project promoted by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, INVENT developed a peristaltic micro pump.

The pump was made using a lead zirconate titanate (PZT)/CFRP composite. The device can pump quantities on a ml/day scale so that very small doses can be given precisely. The peristaltic pump’s volume can be varied and can be controlled be selecting the geometry, materials, control system and frequency. As a result, this innovative micro pump can be used in the healthcare field, as an implantable infusion pump and for giving micro doses of adhesives.

Other partners involved in the project included Ceramtec AG, IMM GmbH, Tricumed GmbH, Bioservice GmbH, Fraunhofer IWM and Panacol GmbH.


eROSITA X-ray telescope is finally complete

After nearly ten years of development and integration the eROSITA X-ray telescope is finally complete: 7 mirror modules with 54 mirror shells each and 7 specially built X-ray cameras mounted more

Technological lead project

The federal state Lower Saxony hands over a grant agreement of 478.000 Euro to INVENT GmbH for a technological lead project in cooperation with TU Braunschweig and DLR and supports herewith more