Besides its specialisation in manufacturing complex lightweight structures, INVENT is also specialised in their design. Calculation and construction tools such as Ansys and CATIA are used to design the thermal and mechanical characteristics of such structures. With fibre composites in particular, the exact definition of suitable materials, layering and geometries can fully exploit the enormous potential which lightweight construction offers. Mechanical and thermal properties can also be specifically modelled. Early development of a design suitable for fibre composite use allows the technical requirements to be met and influence to be had upon the manufacturing costs. These competencies, combined with many years of experience in manufacturing fibre composite parts, can be of great advantage to INVENT’s customers.

Bipod for EnMap / ADM Aeolus Sunshield / BepiColombo Instrument BELA

Example High precision measurement equipment


In its planned extension to the PETRA III accelerator, the German Electron Synchrotron DESY uses CFRP tubes designed and manufactured by INVENT. These tubes carry measurement rigs which detect thermally induced movements in monitored components. 
The clever selection and orientation of carbon fibres allowed INVENT to reduce the tubes’ coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) to almost zero. The tubes’ length is therefore fully independent of variations in the ambient temperature.

Example Transrapid

Nose Fairing

INVENT was significantly involved in the development of fibre composite sections for the nose of the Transrapid maglev train. One example is the nose fairing. The company was responsible for the construction and verification of the interfaces and for verifying the strength of the fibre composite structure.

The nose fairing is primarily made of CFRP sandwich laminate. The main design criteria were the aerodynamic loads at a speed of 500km/h and the part’s resistance against stone and ice impact.


European probe flies to Mercury

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ExoMars rover shaken up properly

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