INVENT works hard to continue developing new technologies relevant to lightweight construction – with the aim of their commercial implementation. The company collaborates closely with research institutes, universities and development departments in renowned businesses. When selecting the topics, INVENT actively looks beyond traditional fibre composite lightweight construction: this allows the range of applications and the properties of the products to be continually broadened.

CCORE honeycomb / Dual Gridded Reflector (DGR) (Photo © HPS) / HISST antenna demonstrator

In order to provide reliable data upon which to build experience, demonstrators are usually built as a preliminary step for testing or as a material sample. The information gained regarding properties, performance and material processing then flows into commercial developments. INVENT seeks to be a flexible, competent development partner for customers aiming at innovative solutions for their companies’ technical challenges.


European probe flies to Mercury

Last Saturday, the European-Japanese space probe “BepiColombo” was launched from the Kourou Spaceport in French Guiana, headed for the smallest and least-known planet of our solar system, more

ExoMars rover shaken up properly

To make sure the ExoMars rover can withstand the vibrations and shocks of launch, atmospheric entry, parachute deploy and landing, a structural and thermal model is shaken on a vibration table more