High precision and damage resistance in a part or an entire structure are properties which do not have to be contradictory. In contrast: INVENT makes their synthesis in lightweight construction possible.

Such a robust precision structure is tolerant to parasitic stress, resistant to impacts and repairable. Their particular precision arises from high stiffness and a minimal effect of temperature variations on the geometric specifications.

Exomars (Image © ESA – D. Ducros) / ADM Aeolus Sunshield / Sunrise

Example Optical Bench

CAD model
Optical Bench

INVENT developed and produced the optical bench for an interferometric measurement device in the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT). The LBT – based in Arizona, USA – is the world’s biggest binocular telescope. The optical bench was designed as a CFRP construction for the Max Planck Institute of Astronomy (MPIA, Heidelberg). The optical bench is made up of a framework and a mounting platform. The dimensions of the mounting platform are 3.59 meters maximum length and 4.36 meters maximum width. The overall height of the optical bench (without base frame and without devices) is 2.2 meters.

High demands were placed on the construction and production of the optical bench by its weight and its absolute and relative shifts due to the required load cases. The permitted relative shift of defined points on the optical bench were in some cases only 0.01 millimetres e.g. for temperature changes or when tipping at a certain angle during measurement operation. Extensive and complex pre-production FEM calculations were necessary to precisely fulfil the requirements.


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