INVENT delivers, amongst other items, test specimens for the A350XWB test pyramid. These are used in a number of tests, ranging from fundamental material qualification to the determination of specific values for the design and dimensioning of the aircraft structures using fibre composite techniques. The manufacturing stages, from the production of semi-finished materials through to the mechanical machining and assembly of the test structures, are certified in accordance with DIN EN 9100. In addition, all customer-specific requirements and processes are qualified and are monitored by the customers through regular audits.

Structural components (A350XWB) / Destructive test / Buckling panel (A380)

These test specimens often replicate a scale version of an area within the structure of a real aircraft. INVENT produces the test specimens using customer-specific design documentation – under the same process conditions used in the series production of the aviation component itself.

Example Airbus A400M
Production of test components for the qualification programme for the A400M wing structure

Test component wing structure

INVENT GmbH is commissioned by Airbus Deutschland GmbH to produce test components for the various aircraft programmes. For the qualification tests on the wing structure of the A400M, monolithic test specimens were developed which replicate an area of the wing cover complete with stringers. The test specimens were produced using the co-curing technique, in which cured stringers are placed on a prepreg laminate which is still wet; the components then cure together. In order to retain the tight positional tolerance between the stringers whilst they swim on the laminate, a unique fixation concept was successfully deployed.

In addition to the production of the composites, our expertise also covers all post-processing and assembly stages. For the qualification tests on the A400M structure, samples were produced for investigation of the pullout behaviour of bolts. INVENT’s flexibility enabled individual specifications for the testing programmes, such as quantity of units and type of sample, to be swiftly implemented – qualified in accordance with aviation regulations and customer requirements.


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