Customer-Specific Products

Militärische Anwendungen Formvariable Strukturen Robuste Präzisionsstrukturen Teleskopstrukturen Automotive Neue & Hybride Materialsysteme Biokomposite Konzeptstudien Bauteilqualifizierung Werkzeugbau Material & Prozessentwicklung Experimentelle MAterialsysteme

Technically and commercially feasible products tailored to specific customers’ needs: INVENT’s ability to do this has been proven time and again. The Customer-Specific Products division develops fibre composite products exactly as the customer specifies them as well as manufacturing processes and material substitutions. In addition to Aeronautics and Astronautics, the activities involve broad areas of mechanical engineering in general, healthcare technologies, automotive and railway industries and the ship building industry.

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eROSITA X-ray telescope is finally complete

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