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Innovative Aktuatoren Innovative Sensoren Energy Harvester Nanomaterialien Prototypen & Machbarkeitsstudien Forschung & Entwicklung Vibrationsdämpfung & Formkontrolle Funktionsintegration Multifunktionale Materialien Bauteilzustandsüberwachung

The Smart Works division bundles R&D work in several innovative technologies related to lightweight construction and forms a bridge between fundamental research and the development of commercial products. INVENT works closely with competent partners to find future-proof solutions and produce custom products. The activities focus on topics such as multifunctional materials, innovative sensors and actuators, new materials based on nano particles and functional integration. The main aim is to make new technologies commercially usable and to open up new perspectives for the potential of lightweight materials.

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European probe flies to Mercury

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ExoMars rover shaken up properly

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