Company movement and project highlights


Foundation of INVENT GmbH on 14th June as a spin-off from the German Aerospace Center (DLR e.V.)


Conceptualisation of the first series parts for engine casings for the Dornier 328 Jet


Development of ultralight CFRP booms in collaboration with the DLR Braunschweig

Development of nose sections for the Transrapid TR08


Production and qualification of CFRP functional components for the “Herschel” space telescope
Image © ESA – D. Ducros


Solar Sail – Travel powered by light; presentation of the new unfolding concept for solar sails at the DLR in Cologne


Beginning of development on system components for series aircraft, e.g. landing gear door for the Dornier 728 Jet 

Equipping research aircraft with special components using a Cessna wing mast as an example

Foundation of the subsidiary HPS – High Performance Space Structure Systems


Project planning and construction of the new INVENT building at Christian-Pommer-Str. 34, Braunschweig


Development and manufacture of flight test equipment for flight approval of the Dornier 728 Jet


Producing an active bearing structure for optical devices as part of an ESA study


Implementation and certification of a Quality Management System in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001

Manufacture of an impact-resistant wheel arch casing for the Dakar Rally Touareg from Volkswagen


Project planning and start-up of the hot air autoclave

Dimensioning and production of extremely heavy duty CFRP shafts


Development and production of high-precision microwave guides for the TerraSAR Earth observation satellite


Conceptualisation and manufacture of secondary structural components for the ADM AEROLUS satellite
Image © ESA – P. Carri


Development and use of natural fibre reinforced composites

Start-up of a CNC-controlled winding machine from Bolenz&Schäfer


Manufacture and qualification of a modular CFRP Pioneer Bridge developed by INVENT


Production of complex test structures for the A380 programme 


Start of series production for crush tubes for the NH90 military helicopter


Expansion and certification of the Quality Management System in accordance with DIN EN 9100


Completion of the Optical Bench for the world’s biggest stereo telescope "Large Binocular Telescope" (LBT) Arizona


Production of heavy-duty test structures for the A400M programme


Approval as a series component supplier for AIRBUS; start of series production for CFRP profiles for the A380


Presentation of high-precision CFRP reflectors for satellite communication applications as part of an ESA study


Project planning and start-up of the cleanroom (ISO 8) and extension of the warehouse


Sale of shares by the founding shareholders to the INVENT employees

Process development for manufacturing high-precision wave guide antennas as a core component of the SAR radar antennas and for manufacturing structural/thermal components from ultra-high modulus pitch-based fibres for the TerraSAR/TanDEM-X Earth observation satellites
Image © DLR (CC-BY 3.0)


Sale of shareholdings by ubg Göttingen to the INVENT management

Set-up of a new service centre for machining and testing
Image ©


Planning and completion of an additional storey on the building to provide new office space


Process development and manufacture of a Ka/QV-band satellite antenna structure from ultra-high modulus pitch-based fibres and INVENT’s own carbon fibre honeycomb for the next generation of high-performance communication satellites
Image © HPS GmbH


Setting up a painting station


Approval of the painting station for coating processes, priming, painting and application of functional paints from AIRBUS

Manufacture of the primary structure of the protoflight model of the eROSITA space telescope incl. optical bench, sun protectors (both CFRP/aluminium sandwich), radiators (aluminium/aluminium sandwich) and various support structures


Nadcap accredidation

ExoMars TGO during integration (©


INVENT GmbH has produced the core module for the ExoMars probe


European probe flies to Mercury

Last Saturday, the European-Japanese space probe “BepiColombo” was launched from the Kourou Spaceport in French Guiana, headed for the smallest and least-known planet of our solar system, more

ExoMars rover shaken up properly

To make sure the ExoMars rover can withstand the vibrations and shocks of launch, atmospheric entry, parachute deploy and landing, a structural and thermal model is shaken on a vibration table more