INVENT GmbH is engaged in diverse innovation and knowledge networks such as the “CFK-Valley Stade™”, Carbon Composites e.V. (CCev), Innovationsallianz Carbon Nanotubes (Inno. CNT), the “Forschungsflughafen Braunschweig e.V.” (Research Airport Braunschweig) and “N.M.N. – Neue Materialien Niedersachsen e.V.”.

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Intelligent product solutions of tomorrow

INVENT has established itself in the fibre composite materials market and plays a leading role in many areas. In order to press ahead with innovations, the company is engaged in diverse research projects which receive EU support.

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INVENT GmbH supports Plan Deutschland.

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ExoMars rover shaken up properly

To make sure the ExoMars rover can withstand the vibrations and shocks of launch, atmospheric entry, parachute deploy and landing, a structural and thermal model is shaken on a vibration table more

INVENT auf dem Symposium Photonischer Leichtbau am 14./15. März in Hannover

Am 14./15. März wird Dr. Olaf Heintze im Rahmen des Symposiums für Photonischen Leichtbau (Ausgerichtet vom Laser Zentrum Hannover) zum Thema „POTENTIALE DER LASERBEARBEITUNG VON CFK AUS SICHT more