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Press release - INVENT GmbH has produced the core module for the ExoMars Mars probe

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The ExoMars Mission is one of the most ambitious undertakings ever by the European space programme. For the first time, a rover developed by the ESA will land on another planet in order to search for signs of now extinct or perhaps even current extraterrestrial life.

Scientist Christiane Voigt investigates the effect of planes’ altitude on the formation of contrails. She pursues passenger planes in her own research plane to collected her data – and her findings could make flying more environmentally friendly.

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Maps serve the purpose of orientation and navigation on land, at sea, and in the air. Most maps are now available in digital form, and satellite data have come to play an increasingly important role. On a global scale, the radar satellite duo TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X is currently producing the most accurate model ever generated of the Earth’s entire land surface.

On April 29, 2013 the operational phase of ESA’s Herschel mission ended on schedule after almost four years. The key task of the space telescope and its sister satellite, Planck, was to observe the Universe in the microwave and sub-millimetre ranges that had hardly been explored before (see COUNTDOWN 9). Looking right into the labour ward of the Universe, Herschel supplied data on the birth of stars ...

Due to the demands on data transfer rates of the next generation of telecommunication satellites, there is a need to develop new and more efficient antenna systems. Next to the traditional applications for global TV services and telephone services, the transmission of Internet data is incrasingly driving a rise in the need for higher transmission capacity ...

A team at the IDEKO-IK4 Technology Centre are exploring opportunities for machining carbon fibre reinforced composites, enabling progression in the efficiency and sustainability of the European machine tool sector. Throughout Europe, SMEs are making a significant contribution to the GDP of EU Member...


European probe flies to Mercury

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ExoMars rover shaken up properly

To make sure the ExoMars rover can withstand the vibrations and shocks of launch, atmospheric entry, parachute deploy and landing, a structural and thermal model is shaken on a vibration table more