21.07.2017 - Reduction of energy consumption in aircraft

INVENT is project partner in the EU project ACASIAS

INVENT focuses on the further development of new technologies relevant for lightweight construction – with the aim of a commercial application. In doing so, the company closely works together with research institutes, universities and research and development departments of renowned companies. When choosing topics, INVENT purposely looks beyond the scope of classic fibre composite lightweight construction: This enables the continuous expansion of the range of applications and the product characteristics.

In June 2017, the EU project ACASIAS was launched. The project contributes to the achievement of the ACARE objectives which predominantly concern the reduction of energy consumption and the CO2 and NOx emission of future aircraft.
INVENT focuses on the design, analysis and production of aircraft structures in fibre composite construction in which the integration of functions is implemented. One development will be the functional integration of antennas in the aircraft structure. This means that the usual installation of antennas on the outside of the aircraft is not needed and with this the energy consumption can be reduced. Another development is the integration of sensors and actuators in cabin structures to actively reduce the noise emission originating from CROR engines. The Contra-Rotating Open Rotor is a possible energy-efficient propulsion technology.


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