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Shaping a sustainable future will call for hi-tech fibre composite products which make both ecological and economic sense. These products must be able to meet the highest demands under extreme conditions. INVENT GmbH has many years of experience in the field of fibre composite technology and has built up an extensive range of services. Expertise, reliability, flexibility, individuality and a focus on sustainable quality are the characteristics of the company which allow it to meet the high demands of the market for lightweight structures.

As a recognised engineering specialist for innovative fibre composite technologies, INVENT develops high-precision structural components for aerospace and customer-specific lightweight applications. The services range from the initial idea right through to series production. Activities in the R&D field concentrate on material and process technologies and on finishing and coating fibre composite structures. Another key area is designing and producing components incorporating active and multi-functional materials. These include piezo actuators and sensors.


5000th CFRP rudder rib

In June 2016 INVENT has produced and delivered the 5000th CFRP rudder rib for the A320 VTP. Thereby more than 70% of all ever built A320 family aircrafts (A318 up to A321) are vertically more

INVENT GmbH founded 20 years ago

The company foundation of INVENT has its 20th anniversary. On 14th June 1996 the INVENT GmbH was founded as a spin-off from the German Aerospace Centre (DLR e.V.) and based as an independent more