Two hot-air autoclaves, produced by Scholz Maschinenbau in Coesfeld, form the nucleus of the production facilities. A large number of the components produced by INVENT are manufactured in these facilities under the specified parameters. The extensive temperature and pressure range of the facilities enables the processing of widely-differing materials. The spectrum of processes within the autoclaves ranges from simple post-curing through the handling of prepregs to injection technology. By virtue of their conceptual design, both facilities are perfectly suited for the manufacture of components for use in aviation and astronautics.

L-Profiles / Isostatic mount / Motorcycle helmet / CFRP waveguides


Autoclave 1

  • Length: 6 m
  • Diameter: 1.5 m
  • Temperature range: up to 400 °C
  • Pressure range: up to 10 bar
  • Online-monitoring of temperature, pressure and vacuum

Autoclave 2

  • Length: 1.5 m
  • Diameter: 0.8 m
  • Temperature range: up to 500 °C
  • Pressure range: up to 20 bar
  • Online-monitoring of temperature, pressure and vacuum


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