The spectrum of available services does not end with the actual production of sophisticated fibre composite components. It also includes specific and high-quality surface coatings on the basis of painting processes. Their fields of application are series components for aerospace, as well as prototypic functional models for all business segments of an enterprise.

The coating process involved in painting fibre composite components is a demanding specialist field. It requires sound technical knowledge and is subject to various approval standards. In detail, this specialisation covers not only the coating of structures made from carbon, glass and aramid fibres, but also structures resulting from multi-material systems. Typical structures from multi-material systems result, for example, through the integration of widely-differing metallic components with diverse functions. INVENT can professionally incorporate the resulting requirements concerning the coating process and implement these practically.

INVENT can implement the following standardised paint coating systems for its customers.
They serve the purposes of creating a protective effect, decoration and functional integration.        

• Filling and priming
• Single-colour and metallic painting
• Clear lacquer in matt or high-gloss
• Anti-static coatings
• Erosion protection
• Fire-protection paint systems
• Special paints for function integration (e.g. with carbon nanotubes)
• Decorative coatings


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