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INVENT GmbH has been involved in the aviation field since the company was founded in 1996. At that time, carbon-reinforced plastic panels were produced for the Dornier Do 328 jet using injection technology. Today, components from INVENT fly worldwide in the aeroplane and helicopter programmes of multiple manufacturers. Besides series production, we offer manufacture of test specimens and structures for test programmes, prototype development and customer-specific conversions. Approved series production processes are applied. From cutting composite materials to size through to non-destructive testing and component painting – we cover the entire value chain.


We have been a direct supplier of structural parts and panels to Airbus for over 12 years. INVENT is listed as an approved supplier under ARP ID 217359. Proof of how we successfully ensure supplier and quality performance can be seen in the continuous D1 evaluation of 100% which we receive from Airbus. In addition, we manufacture a huge variety of components, panels and structural elements for our customers, such as water tanks, crash absorption elements, helicopter cabins, skis for helicopters, climate tubes and interior panelling.

  • Rudder component
  • Cabins parts
  • Tanks

Reference series:

  • Airbus A320, A330, A350, A380
  • Embraer Phenom 100, 300
  • Dornier Do228, Do328-100 (TP), Do328-300 (Jet)
  • NHI NH 90
  • edm aerotec CoAX 2D

We are represented in many testing campaigns and development programmes as a test specimen and test structure producer. The spectrum is broad: we manufacture the test laminates right through to processing the specimens to final dimensions, but also the development and manufacture of test structures as part of research projects. Typical examples include:

  • Various test specimens according to standard or customer specification
  • Structure components (buckling panel) l SARISTU SHM door area
  • Flexible leading wing edge in a wind tunnel and a bird-strike test (SARISTU)


  • Test pyramid A380, A350
  • Witness-und travellar specimen for the A350 programme
  • Supplying for round robin testing to qualify test labs (CAT 1 trials)
  • National and international research programmes

Prototype development begins with calculation and design and continues on to tool development and then prototype manufacturing. Examples for this include the nose landing gear door for the Do728, skis for the NH90 and the sun visor for the SOFIA telescope. On request from our customers, we can continue these developments on to a qualification programme for the manufacturing process and components including the first sample testing and approval as flight hardware.


  • NH90 Skiset
  • NLG-Door Do728
  • Sun visor for the SOFIA telescope
  • Noseboom

Fibre composite materials are essential to aircraft and lightweight construction. They allow the required stiffness, strength and outstanding corrosion resistance to be achieved while maintaining a very low weight. Components can be developed from fibre composite materials on request from our customers. The selection of materials for the composites to be used is in strict accordance with the aircraft manufacturer’s specifications. This means that only approved materials are used and that additional material approval processes are not necessary. The focus here is on aircraft and helicopters which are adapted to carry cameras or additional tanks. The tool development and component manufacturing for this take place along the value chain in our company. We are also able to support our customers with adaptions to the structure of aircraft. This takes place by directly re-shaping the existing connecting areas for tool creation or by retrofitting components on site.


  • Australian Maritime Safety Authority Dornier 328-120
  • Helicopter from the Lower Saxony police fleet

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