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Technological competence in the lightweight construction field is a foundational element of INVENT GmbH’s quality. For this reason, this high-tech company has intensively conducted research and development activities since its founding in 1996 so that it stays ahead of the technological trend in all of its business fields by continually pushing the technological boundaries. The company works closely with research institutes, universities and development departments at renowned companies and opens up ever-more fields of application for industrial lightweight design. Examples are:


  • BMWi
  • BMBF



  • FP7
  • H2020
  • JU Clean Sky 2

Key areas are both current and future topics in structural and functional materials, process and facility development, innovative sensors and actuators, function integration and of course new kinds of so-far-unseen components. New technologies are made commercially usable and open up excellent prospects for the potential of lightweight design in all of INVENT’s business fields.

From space travel to aviation and on to automotive and rail applications and plant components, INVENT GmbH proves its expertise in initiating, planning and conducting federal, national and EU-wide group projects with its own competence team. Examples are:


  • BMWi
  • BMBF


  • level (FP7)

CarbonSafe – CFRP structures with co-bonded piezoelectric transducer SHM-networks

MultiMak2 – one-step manufactured, thermoplastic GFRP profiles with integrated metallic fasteners

HYBRIDi – CFRP-metal-hybrid body of a milling machine’s z-axis (source: FOOKE GmbH)

NanoCaTe – Sandwich panel with integrated thermoelectric generators

“The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 604647”

We benefit from our many years of experience, both as a consortium leader and as a group partner and have our own competent administration for the various kinds of projects.

Our work on functional and structural integration of smart textiles, conductor pathways and electronic components are key points as are multi and hybrid material systems for developing new kinds of lightweight structures. Further topics such as structural and repair monitoring, energy harvesting and the future of work in a digital world are also areas in constant focus at INVENT GmbH. Specific examples of our work are shown under the current projects on the website pages Aerospace and Industry. (Space, Aviation, Industry)

The project results are implemented and validated in a demonstrator. The information gained concerning properties, performance and processability can then successfully flow into commercial developments.


INVENT is the development partner for customers looking for innovative solutions to technical challenges.

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