On Thursday night, the Aeolus satellite was launched to its orbit at a height of 320 kilometers from the Kourou spaceport.
The task is the detailed measurement of global wind flows. INVENT GmbH was responsible for the production of half-timbered structures of the Baffles.

The satellite named after the “God of the Winds” will advance the weather forecast, in which it supplies completely new wind profiles with the help of complicated laser technology. “Aeolus” in connection with the measuring device “Aladin” will first measure the wind speed around the globe from 30 kilometers to the ground and over thick clouds.

The business unit manager for space, Christoph Tschepe, is pleased about the successful start.
“Again the components of a successful space mission developed in Braunschweig at INVENT GmbH “.

The satellite is active for a period of 4 year.


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