On 3 October, the Lander MASCOT (Mobile Asteroid Surface Scout) was successfully dropped by the Japanese space probe Hayabusa2 on the asteroid Ryugu.
INVENT GmbH build the lander’s mechanical and electrical support structure (MESS), see picture (only the outer structure).

The asteroid is flying 300 million kilometers from earth. MASCOT was built by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in close cooperation with the French space agency CNES and the Japanese space agency JAXA. The purpose of Hayabusa2 is to learn more about the origin and evolution of our solar system. Asteroids are among the most original celestial bodies. It‘s research allows us to look back into our cosmic past. At a height of 51 meters, MASCOT was unlocked and fell in free fall – slower than an earthly pedestrian – to it’s destination, the asteroid.

Head of Business Unit Space Christoph Tschepe:

“We are pleased that we made an important contribution to this mission “

Picture source: DLR

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